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"To improve English writing skill" is a matter of regular practice every day. Improving writing skill in English is very important for the students because they are only persons who have to write all the year round. But it is a matter of regret that they don’t know exactly how to improve English writing skills as well. There is a reason behind this. And it is the idleness of the students. Most often, the students of Math and science group are seen writing their study material. But the students of English don’t even try to write for a regular purpose. And so, they lag behind. However, today I am going to show you the techniques how to write English spontaneously.

pen and paper - how to improve English Wrting skill

The students don’t keep the English writing practice. And the result happens in the examination hall. Their hands get pain and they hardly get comfortable while writing in English. But if you don’t feel comfortable in writing English, you are losing your marks probably.

What should you do to improve English writing skill

There is a very common answer to this question. You should write and write always. But without having some techniques in this respect, you cannot fulfill your English writing strategy. You need to maintain a regular routine to do that.

#1: Write every day: You are required to write an everyday basis. Suppose, you are a student of science group, you get a little time to keep your flow of writing in English. It is because of your pressure of study in science group. But I am sure that you waste your 30 minutes out of 24 hours doing nothing. That is the scope for you. You should utilize that time properly. Keep writing something in English as per your interest in English. You should write the most interesting topic because you are not going to learn English writing that is against your mind. It is not a matter to write from your textbook.

#2: Follow some texts: You are not told to write from your mind. I think you cannot make a sentence in free hand. So, no words will come out from your mind. It is because you have no experience with vocabulary words. So, it will be very fine for you to follow some texts from your textbook or any English Newspaper.

#3: Make a target: Before starting writing something in English, you need to make a target of words from the text. You can select you 30 minutes for writing one page in English. At the beginning level of writing write something very short. Because you don’t want to give pain to your hands at all.

 #4: Take it easy and enjoyable: Consider this writing practice very enjoyable. If you take is against your mind, you are going to waste your time. Make English writing practice as an art and your hobby as well. After considering it, you will make it fruitful.

#5: Handwriting: Keep an eye on your handwriting. And so, I always tell that you should write something very short so that you can keep your eyes on handwriting. Give the sentences and words proper space as well. Try to use some large font.

#6: Selecting a pen: A learner must use a flexible pen to improve English writing skill. Some pens give too much ink that damages the paper. And sometimes, your pen may dive into the paper if it is much hard to write. Before starting writing, make a flow of the new pen because new pens write badly at first. Don’t use any GEL pen for practice.

#7: Speed: You are not told to speed up your writing at first. You can write speedily after a couple of months. In our childhood, we never could write something fast whatever it was Bengali or English. So, in the beginning, you have to write something in English very slowly. It will also help you understand your handwriting.

Pro Tips to improve writing skills in English

If you are able to write something from your brain, then I will tell you to write some short sentence according to your daily activities. Suppose, you visit a certain place in your locality. You can write something about your daily activities in that place. Sometimes, someone is seen trying to write a long sentence. But after a few moments, they get tired and give up writing. So, this is my request for you to write some short sentences.

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