How to Improve Vocabulary in English by watching Movie


To improve  Vocabulary in English watching English movie and English News Bulletin are the best way. It might sound crazy. But it is a great way to expand English vocabulary words as well. Watching movie is nowadays favorite to all walks of life. So, you will get interested when you will watch a movie. In this respect, I have to say that English movies are much more interesting and more entertaining than other movies. However, to gain some vocabulary words in the English Language, you must watch some movies with subtitles. So, it will be also okay to watch other movies if that have subtitles below of the screen. 

improve vocabulary by watching English movies

How it works to improve Vocabulary in English by Watching English Movie
At first, you may not understand all the talking the actor and actress are performing in a movie if you are not a native. In that case, you are required not to stop watching an English movie. There are so many kinds of English movies online. Nowadays, almost 90% of people are using a smartphone. And they use it for many purposes.

If the users want to expand English Vocabulary, they must apply this “watching movie” method. By applying this method you may not get any English Course degree. But you can certainly improve your Vocabulary. So, I have a request for you to stick with our Free English Course Online.

What Kind of Movies you should select to gather vocabulary
Its answer is very easy and simple. You need to choose some movies which have more speeches than action. To do that you can select some law film because it has speeches more than action. You just need the talking. In youTube there are lots of English movies which have subtitles. So, select the movies having more speeches. The Indian people can watch ZTV channel drama. This drama shows the sub-titles while the actor and actress speak in the film. Moreover, we need to select the movies which have more speech and subtitles as well.

What should you do after getting the movies with subtitles
At first, I need to say that you have to listen to the speeches more carefully than the acting. It is because you are watching the movies to expand vocabulary in English only. While watching the movies you don’t need to watch the action again and again. You just need to listen to the speeches and look at the subtitles. In the beginning, you may not understand some words. If you are using YouTube, it will be very easy for you to pause the video. Just pause the video and note down the word in your notebook. Play again the video and note down the complex word by pausing a specific minute.

Bring out the meaning of the noted words
Now, make a list of the noted words and bring the meaning in your native language. Nowadays, bringing the meaning of a word is not that very difficult. If you are using a smartphone, it will be very easy for you. These dictionaries are made by the students who have some higher degree in English. So, you can use it to bring out the meaning. However, now your question may be about the meaning of the words.

Use the meaning and words
In this stage, you are required to use those words to make a full sentence. Don’t panic at all. Make a sentence only using a subject, a verb, and an object.

After doing all of these methods, I think you will be able to expand your vocabulary. Truly saying that to expand English Vocabulary this method works very effectively. You should keep in mind that watching movie is very favorite to all persons. And if anybody makes this hobby for their benefit, they will sure to improve their English vocabulary as well.

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