how to improve spoken English Alone without a Speaking Partner


Do you want to know "how to improve spoken English alone"? At first, it may seem hard to understand. But still, you have a chance to practice spoken English without a speaking partner. We know that a speaking partner helps a lot in this purpose. But if you don't have a speaking partner, don't worry. In this post, I am going to discuss some methods by which you can improve your spoken English.

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Ways to improve spoken English alone

There are several websites that give you free English course online. But some of the English courses may seem difficult. So, follow the below methods. I am sure that you will be able to speak in English fluently.

#1: Gain Some Vocabulary Words
Let me tell you something important before discussing this method. Suppose, you have a big box in your house. But the box is empty. There is nothing in the box. Now, you put your hand in the box. Will you get anything from the box? The answer is of course " no". Just like this tactic, it is similar. Maybe you know English grammar, you know how to make an English sentence. But what words will you use in that sentence? Suppose, you are told to make an assignment about your company in English. You have a total concept in your native language. But you have no knowledge about vocabulary words. Then you will have nothing to do but to sit idle thinking over the topic. So, learn some vocabulary word in English. You can get vocabulary words from dictionary, newspaper, English movies with subtitle.

#2: Reading, reading and reading aloud
There is no alternative reading to improve spoken English alone. If you are a shy person, there is no problem. When you read something in English alone, nobody will criticize you. You need to read English magazine alone but loudly in your locked room. Try to read some interesting topics in English magazine. By reading English magazine you can also gain some important vocabulary words. There are lots of English pdf books online. Just download it and start reading the material.

English newspaper helps a lot in this regard. If you are a busy person, try to finish one page per day in a week. But you need to know how to read and collect vocabulary words from English Newspaper. The newspaper is a great source of UU (unknown useful) words.

#3: Speak yourself in front of the mirror
I know that you don't have a speaking partner. Or, you have, but they criticize for your broken English. No matter, speak aloud in front of your mirror alone in your room. When you speak alone in front of the mirror, you can get the issues of your body gesture. Then you will get a chance to fix them at the same time. Make a topic yourself and start speaking before a mirror. Don't head over the issues for the first time. And never be frustrated if fails. Try, try and try. Keep in mind that nobody is born with wisdom.

#4: Listen to the experienced carefully

In this step, you are required to listen to the experienced persons speaking in English very carefully to improve spoken English alone. At first, don't try to make conversation with them. It will affect your hope of improving spoken English. Just listen to them. You also have to listen to English News Bulletin like BBC news. At first, you will not understand anything. But keep listening. Believe me, I never learned Hindi speaking from anyone. But I can speak in Hindi fluently just because I always watch Hindi movies as well as Hollywood movies. So, here is my suggestion to watch Hollywood and Hindi movies with sub-titles.

#5: Record your English Speaking

To improve spoken English you need to justify your voice. To do this you should record your voice withing English Speaking over a recorder. Nowadays, most of the people have a smartphone. You can easily record an audio of your voice and listen to it carefully. Then identify your pronunciation. If you find any problem in that item, fix it in next record. By doing this you can resolve the errors while you try to improve spoken English alone without a speaking partner.

By following this method I hope that you will be able to improve spoken English alone without a speaking partner. If you want to make a free conversation with me, contact me on Facebook from the Contact page.

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