Best and Easy English Reading Comprehension for Beginners


As we all know that English is the international Language in Bangladesh and India. Reading Skill of English is mandatory if you want to get a minimum position in the class division. For that reason, today I want to share English reading comprehension for beginners.

english reading comprehension practice

This beginner reading comprehension will help you to understand the basics of English conversation. Sometimes, you may get some easy reading texts for beginners. But keep in mind that they must be effective for your daily life. 

Why English Reading Practice For Beginners

Suppose, you want to read a thesis or theory of English Language. You intend to read the texts in the English Language because you believe that it is originally written in England. If you read the translated copy, it may migrate the meaning as well.

So, you must be able to read English Comprehension fluently. Otherwise, you will miss the important information about your text. As an example, I can say that I use Wikipedia mostly for historical items. If I search for the texts in my native language Bangla, I will get the information. But that will be less informative.

Myself - English Reading Practice

I am Sajol Fuad. I am from Bangladesh. Currently, I am reading English Literature at National University. The name of my college is M.M. College, Jashore. My college is situated in Jashore, Khulna. My hobby is watching television. I like to watch English movie mostly because it helps me to improve my English skills. My parents are illiterate. But they invested their money and time for my education. I want to be an English professor. I have a desire to help the poor students in the future.

Travelling - English Reading Practice

I like to travel. You can say that traveling is my favorite hobby. Actually, I like to travel to a far place. I have a passion to travel to India because it is a beautiful country. When I have much money I try to visit some historical places in our country. Traveling refreshes our mind and thoughts. English reading test and practice will help you a lot. This two reading comprehension was so easy to read. I wrote this about the practice for beginners. If you want to get any grammatical solution, you can contact me without any hesitation.

"English Reading Comprehension" is available in most of the English Website. Like Wikipedia, many other websites give you the priority to read the English essay online. You can stick to that website to get some English Reading Comprehension quickly.

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