Expand English Vocabulary Words by Reading English Newspaper


To expand English Vocabulary Words is not that tough stuff for you if you follow some certain criteria. Everybody wants to improve English Vocabulary. But for the lacking of proper ways, nobody becomes able to enhance English Vocabulary Words. So, now it needs no telling the importance of Vocabulary Words. If you have don’t have enough vocabulary power, all your grammatical knowledge is valueless. So, this is the time for you to gain some vocabulary words to utilize your Knowledge of Grammar. Hopefully, you are here because you want to expand vocabulary words in English.

Improve English Vocabulary

Today in this entire post I am going to teach you how you can expand English Vocabulary words by only reading English Newspaper. English Newspaper is a very interesting item for me. But sometimes, it is not for you. It is because you are afraid of reading an English Newspaper. However, you will read English Newspaper regularly after reading this entire post.

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Newspaper: An Ultimate item to Expand English Vocabulary Words

Most probably, there is hardly any educated person who doesn’t read the newspaper. I know that you all read the newspaper in your native language. That is okay for you. But don’t you think that English vocabulary words are also important for spoken English? If you think that without vocabulary words you cannot upgrade your English, then please don’t waste your time anymore. In this regard, Newspaper helps a lot. So, without wasting time, let’s start the process.

Methods you should follow to improve Vocabulary of English

As we know that a newspaper shows our everyday happenings in 8/10 pages. So, all of the UU (Unknown Useful) words are included in it. You just have to find it in a proper way. It is not a difficult task at all. Follow the below methods.

  • At first, take an English Newspaper on your table. But don’t put the Newspaper on your lap. It is a little bit funny. Isn’t? You don't need to think over it anymore. I am telling this because there is a reason behind this saying.
  • Start reading the Newspaper from the beginning even from the date. You have to read every word by word in every page of the newspaper. At first glance, all the words may not seem easy to understand and pronounce at all. Don’t become frustrated at all.
  • Try to find some interesting pages like entertainment page so that you cannot feel boring.
  • If you feel boring in any work, you cannot advance in that way. So, I think you should take an English Magazine or the Entertainment Pages of the Newspaper. It really helps to expand English Vocabulary Words.
  • I hope you will get probably 50/60 Unknown words from a page. Okay, now make a list with those words in a notepad. Remember that you should never use your mobile or computer in this step to note the words. Experts say that writing with pen and paper is longer lasting that writing on multi-media.
  • Now it is the time to bring out the meaning of that listed words. I like this method most because memorizing a dictionary is less effective if you cannot make a sentence with your memorized words. However, write down the meaning of every word side by side. In this step, you can use your computer or mobile easily to bring out the meaning of the words.
  • Try to make a simple sentence with the word keeping the meaning in your brain. You don't need to make a long or very complex sentence at first. You are at the beginner level. So, use the only Subject+Verb+Object.
  • If you only memorize the meaning of a word, you will forget it the following day. But if you make a sentence with the unknown word after knowing the meaning, you will not forget it anymore.
  • Make a revision on the words, meaning and the sentence 3 times.
  • Close your eyes and try to pronounce some words you just memorized if possible. If you cannot do it, you should speak the sentence aloud.

  • These 50 words are obtained in a day from only one page. The next day does the same process to "expand English Vocabulary Words". Our Free English Course Online includes that everybody needs to be very passionate to improve English Vocabulary because it is the backbone of your English Skill. You may get a high degree or title from a reputed institution. But if you don’t have any idea about English Vocabulary words, then you are nothing but a value less person to society. My last suggestion for you that you should make a conversation to yourself in front of your mirror if possible only with the words you just obtained from one page of the English Newspaper. Do it for 1 month and come back to my website to give me a big thank. Thanks for reading.

    In this free English Course Online, you can improve your English degree which is still existing in your educational institutions. However, by following the above methods you are sure to expand your vocabulary in English. 

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